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inMars VR

You can visit the Planet Mars and feel like being there, everything thanks to this Experience unique of Virtual Reality available in your smartphone.

Enjoy a Virtual Reality experience from your totally unique Smartphone, visit the Planet Mars and feel the sensation of being there. You will be able to walk on the surface and cross all the places at your whim, drive vehicles and a spaceship.

Live the experience of being able to travel to Mars from a Space Station to later travel to the planet in a spaceship.
You will be able to visit a colony and its surroundings. Find some of the secrets that are hidden on the surface.

"Displacement by movement with just lifting the feet, you don't need a joystick or game controls to move through all the environments."

Remember to wear hearing aids for a better experience.

Do not wait any longer and download now !!! inMars VR

(It is recommended that your iPhone be screen 4.7 or up)

Credits Music inMars VR

All the music contained in inMars VR is not copyrighted, it is made by third parties and they are the ones who distributed under these terms.

What's new in version 2.0 (2019)

  • System load and save data
  • New hud
  • Performance improvements
  • Textures improvements
  • New locations
  • Radar of objectives
  • Graphic improvements
  • Solved graphics problems and connection of modules
  • Support for iOS 12 and latest iPhone models

inMars VR  
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