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Privacy Policy inMarsVR

The following text writes everything pertinent to the privacy policy and care of its integrity when downloading inMars VR

This Mobile Application is owned and operated by Dreams of Heaven - Games (by Michael Mora and Company) and will be referred to hereinafter as "We", "our" and "us" in this Privacy Policy. By using the Application, you agree to the Privacy Policy, which appears on this website.

That said, the application you download will not ask for any personal information of any kind, you paid and downloaded to make use of an entertainment App so its integrity will not be violated or passed to carry in any way possible.

We recognize the importance of protecting your privacy and before this we make it clear that we will not ask you to send us any information, photos or anything.

Waiting for you to read this information and comply with this
Dreams of Heaven.Ltda / October 2017

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