Stay With Me! is a narrative game of psychological horror. Experience first-hand the damage fear can do to your mind by losing yourself only to a series of unexplained events.

Stay With Me! It will be presented at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, showing more detail and gameplay.
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This adventure allows you to play in a unique way in virtual reality, you can move through all the environments just by raising your feet, the story changes according to your own decisions, yes, if you die the game ends.

Among other options, the game allows you to play as you want and on the device you want with only having paid once, it is always clear in the Apple ecosystem.

Insert your iPhone into VR glasses for Mobile and you can enjoy the game in an even more immersive experience. To move you only need to lift your feet.
Play on iPhone like a traditional game with touch movement
Play on iPad where you can also play with keyboard and mouse, even Joysticks
If you prefer, you can also play it on Mac with M1 processor.